Eternal Reign
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[ It’s always so fucking awkward when Six’s meet.

"Who da fuq r u"

"Spartan B312"

"…uh no bro, "

"…wat but I am noble six"

"poser u wanna fucking go m8"

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[ Admittedly, I don’t like how the Forerunners look in H4 either. But they’re still probably my favorite race. ]

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[6] have called in


"Is there something you need?" the blue spartan asked, sharpening the knife she had in her hands carefully and professionally.

      The drum of knuckles against the side of her helmet reverberated for a moment in the air. Something must have been wrong with her armor…Because it was displaying her own service tag above this Spartan’s head. A quick shake of the head and the results yielded the same.


            “…Who are you?

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[ why did i ever stop reading vgcats ]

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hearing ppl hate on halo 4 like

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Which character do you see the mun being a real life version of?