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Positioning herself behind the foreigner, Akemi secured her wrists together, and without any effort, plucked the woman back up and onto her feet. Pistol pressed against the middle of her back for good measure, she nudged for her to walk.

All the while, she was talking with Captain Lasky, updating him on the situation. The conversation was closed off to the outside thanks to her armor’s systems. But once it was done, she was able to properly answer the woman’s questions. 

"You are aboard the UNSC Infinity, flagship and largest ship in the fleet. You were the only one aboard the vessel." 

Bloody hell. This woman picked her up and had her locked up like it was nothing. In full armor. Even with her own cybernetic enhancements, the Commander’s strength was limited. She may be stronger and more durable than her usual human counterparts, but this soldier went beyond even that. It was unnerving.

The press of the pistol barrel in the small of her back had her walking through the parted crowd and further into the hanger bay. 

The soldier spoke after a beat and Shepard’s mind clicked over the information. She was to be held on an unknown vessel, by an unknown—armed—group, and her crew was MIA. “What fleet? Who are you people? And what—” Shepard twisted to look over her shoulder at the armored soldier. “Are you?”

Your questions will be answered once the Captain has determined you are no threat to the ship.” 

The pair began to exit the hangar, but the Spartan was stopped before they actually got out the doors by a different tech.

"Ma’am, what should we do about her ship?"

"…Give it a thorough check. Tear it apart if you need to. We cannot risk any tracking devices on it."

"Understood. We’ll get right on it."

She nudged the woman again with her pistol. “Keep walking.”

It took ten minutes of walking for the pair to get to the ship’s central tram system, and from there they boarded an empty car, set out toward the ships bridge to meet with Captain Lasky.


"...нe, α lumвerιɴg pαlookα ιɴ α ғoul-ѕmellιɴɢ dιvιɴg ѕυιt..." 

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                [                And I swear to you

                         ʇɥɐʇ those who would harm you

                                 will die  s c r e a m i n g                 ]

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Cut him. Cut him while I stand here and watch. I want to see the blood flow. Don’t make me tell you twice.
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